Boondi Laddu
Boondi Laddu

Boondi Laddu

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The Boondi Laddu is probably one of the most famous sweets in India. It is also the most gifted sweet during Diwali and other pujas because you can almost never go wrong with a box of Boondi Laddus! Named after the word “Boondh”, which stands for “droplets” in Hindi, the perfect Boondi Laddu is made up of equal-sized boondis made with gram flour, dipped in sugar syrup and meshed together to form a spherical shaped delicacy. With a generous addition of cashews and raisins (kaju-kismis), this sweet is both soft and flavourful.

  • Ingredients       -    Gram flour (Besan), Cashews, Kismis, Sugar.
  • Shelf Life           -    7 Days
  • Pieces (1 Kg)     -    26 Approx.
  • USA Shipping   -    Yes
  • National Shipping - Yes

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