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Mr Gangadhar Reddy, hailing from Orvakal Mandal, Kurnool district, located in Rayalseema region of Andhra Pradesh, has moved his first step to Vizag as a salesman in a sweetshop with a salary of 600 rupees per month, to explore new avenues for building his business, later also learnt preparation of traditional sweets.

In spite of many career options, ups and downs, and struggles crossed his path in life, he turned out the art and knowledge he learnt into his quench for sweets business and it was so strong as a pillar which It all started In 2009, with a very little investment of one lakh, and immense support from family and partnership of his friends Mr Rav Pittu and Venkat Raman, they Initially the set up a stall with kitchen in TKR college route, started supplying traditional sweets to nearly 80 shops, later they increased their line of products by including more varieties of traditional sweets and namkeens, and opened SRR ghee sweets shop in Kothapet 'X' roads of Hyderabad with huge support and trust from the family, friends and finally customers who build their bond with trust with SRR sweets.

Despite hurdles and struggles that came across personally and professionally, Mr Gangadhar Reddy made his foray into the food business and started being successful from the very first few months and the rest, they say, is history. Today, after ten years down the lane, they are successfully running two outlets in Hyderabad selling nearly 200 varieties of sweets with utmost quality and customer satisfaction.

SRR is making its way long to offer its services and expand globally to mark its blended signature of both traditional and modern flavours with utmost purity and quality.

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